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No New Posts Dragonteeth Rapids

The Dragonteeth Rapids split the east Palandrion plain in half, separating the capital county from Volcanion. An abundance of rocks poke up over the water's surface along the length of it - to the unweary this is an easy path across, while to the better informed it is the illusion of safety which has lead to countless deaths. One wrong step is all it takes for you to slip on the wet rocks and get instantly torn to shreds by the Dragonteeth Rapids.

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No New Posts Barricade River

The Barricade River is so named for posing an obstacle for any who come past Palandrion and wish to go north into the Wayward Forest. It is a relatively short though all the more wide and deep river, and it separates the Palandrion plains from the border of the forest on it's opposing side. Taking the route around it takes several days, so many favor the option of simply trying to make it straight across.

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No New Posts The Endless Rapids

They may not be completely endless, but the Endless Rapids are definitely the largest and longest body of water in Palandri (aside from the sea). It rushes hard and fast from the east all the way down to the southwest, dragging anything it gets it's claws on into the water and tearing it to shreds on the sharp rocks which decorate it's bottom. If you are either brave or foolish enough, you may attempt to ride along them for a fast journey across the land. Beware, however, that while a tempting means of transportation for the impatient, few who enter the rapids reach the end still in possession of their lives.

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No New Posts The Twin Rivers

Two of the smaller rivers, the Twin Rivers surely enough runs along one another, identical at every turn and each precisely as long as the other. They are both arguably the safest rivers to deal with; while no less deep than their cousins, the water flows at a slow but steady pace and the bottoms are layered with smoothened stones.

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No New Posts Quakerion Path, "The Terror Plains"

Seemingly a normal plain... which it sure enough is, in essence. The Quakerion path is a large plain starting south of Palandrion and ending at the gates of Rockmount, on the Quakerion border. It's nickname "The Terror Plains" was given to it by the soldiers of Volcanion, after a failed invasion of Quakerion County resulted in the massacre of the Volcanian army several years ago.

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No New Posts Buttermead Swamp

The myth surrounding this swamp is a rather amusing one; It is said that it was once a glade where groups of highwaymen would converge and boast about their accomplishments, all while drinking plentiful amounts of buttermead. Each time they met they would drink even more than the last, but the drunker they got, the more they spilled on the ground. This went on until at last, they spilt such an amount that it pooled around their feet and softened the ground, pulling the highwaymen down into it and turning the once beautiful glade into a mushy swamp. True or not, this is how the swamp got it's name.

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No New Posts The Graveyard

A mysterious patch of dead grass and trees at the rough center of the Rosemoor. The pink and red flowers which cover most of the moor grow healthily around the border of the Graveyard, but within it, not a single strand of green grass will sprout. Travelers nowadays tend to go around the patch rather than cross over it, after rumors of people falling ill after walking on the dead land began spreading only a few years ago.

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No New Posts The Rosemoor

The Rosemoor lies south of the Endless Rapids and is one of the biggest yet least populated areas of Palandri. Evidently there used to be some form of civilization housed here long ago, considering there are numerous crumbling ruins scattered across the moor, though no one seems to know anything about it, and there isn't enough left behind by whatever people lived here to provide any sort of clues. As it is, the moor is mostly wide and empty, save for the smaller flocks of birds and smaller animals.

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No New Posts The Greyice Mountains

Although the north is crowded with frosty mountain chains and steep ravines, the highest mountain in the land is among the three based at northern border of Volcanion county. Standing like a pillar surrounded by stones, the Greyice mountains form a high wall around it's centerpiece, whose summit lies far beyond human eyes above the clouds. The mountains themselves are positively riddled with tunnels and mines, being the main source of metal for all but the people of Thorion County.

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No New Posts The Wayward Forest

The air lies thick and have over the forest. The name is not for naught; The Wayward Forest is a maze of leaves and vines, constantly nestling around your limbs and making you trip over the roots at your feet. It is as if the forest itself is sentient and is doing everything in it's power to keep those who enter it from ever leaving again.

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